A Beautiful Arrangement

The Midlands MagazineFebruary 28, 2023

A flower bouquet has been a part of the bridal look since ancient Roman times when ladies would carry or wear floral garlands (like a flower crown) at their wedding to symbolise fidelity, fertility and new beginnings. The tradition has since grown and adapted. If caught during the bouquet toss, it would not only mean that you’re next to get married, but that you will have good fortune. We share more about different floral arrangements for all personalities.

Meet Kate, mom of three very busy little humans and wife to a husband who keeps her on her toes. Kate owns The Wedding Company South Africa, which specialises in all things weddings. She has also opened The Floral Bar, a fresh floral bar selling beautiful blooms and delivering them throughout the Midlands. She is the perfect person to get all of the information on beautiful arrangements.



Every year something new is trending. For a while, pampas and dried elements were a trend pre-COVID, which then evolved into something softer and more romantic: bleached pampas and bleached, dried elements combined with fresh florals (often in shades of nude and soft pinks).

Last year, there was a move towards soft pastels, with pastel blue being prominent along with a more feminine and prettier look. “I do see the pastels remaining prominent this year, as many couples are getting their inspiration from the 2022 trends,” Kate says. With a more eco-friendly way of things entering the scene, designers are working their magic by designing foam-free arrangements and installations and aiming at keeping their carbon footprint smaller by sourcing their florals locally, where possible.

“The 2023 colour panettone is set to be Digital Lavender.” So, to all 2023 brides, look out for soft lavender, sage, jade and lazuli blue with soft honeycomb and sundial accents in the form of gold accents (candle holders, base plates, etc.).


Bouquets for You

The “Plain Jane”

Plain Jane? No such thing! But for those wanting something less extravagant (aka pricey), Kate suggests using more seasonal blooms in your bouquets. She would still add a few luxury blooms but keep them to a minimum and ensure that they are positioned to stand out in the bouquet. A more low-key bouquet can include more foliage and be medium-sized. Kate suggests beautiful garden roses as the stand-out flower and a hand-tied look.


The Extravagant

This doesn’t mean “the bigger, the better” and it isn’t necessarily overpowering. The bouquet must complement the bride and her personality, wedding style and dress. “An extravagant bouquet would predominately be created using luxury blooms with minimal to no greenery. However, it completely depends on the style of their day. A large, cascading, wild foliage-filled bouquet can also work for an extravagant bride. The bride would be looking at choosing orchids, imported blooms and luxury roses, peonies, dahlias, tulips, etc.” Kate explains.


The Creative or Quirky

A quirky bride’s bouquet would be something a little more out of the ordinary. “I often find that our quirkier brides go for something not so ‘wedding’ in their choice of wedding style – often including bright colours to bring out the fun!” Kate adds.


The “Not A Flower Fan”

You don’t have to have a bouquet! It’s your wedding day, and it’s meant to reflect you. If you don’t love flowers, choose something smaller. You can ask your florist to use only foliage or herbs if you want a bouquet. “These days, you can be creative and spend your wedding budget on items that you love to ensure that your wedding day reflects the right memories,” Kate says.

Whether you are a 2023 bride or waiting for the ring, I hope this helped you plan the perfect bouquet arrangement!




Words: Kai Coates

Photos: LAR Photography

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