We are given an insider’s peek into what the life of a Weston learner looks like and how this agricultural school actively prepares the boys for their future studies or careers.

Set in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is a high school like no other. The road leading to this unique agricultural school, which was built more than a century ago, is lined with established trees and welcomes aspiring young agriculturalists.

Weston Agricultural College promises to offer its learners a rich and fulfilling introduction to life while propagating confident young men who can optimise their potential through the integration of both a very impressive academic standard along with hands-on, practical agricultural experience.

Considered the country’s premier agricultural high school for boys, Weston is set on a magnificent 1200-hectare self-sufficient working farm just outside Mooi River on the Greytown Road.

The farm is in a prime agricultural area and produces much of the school’s fresh food requirements, and sells surplus through the Westonry Farm Stall, where its learners’ entrepreneurial skills are practised.

Like their fathers and grandfathers who came before them, the life of a Weston learner is both physically and mentally challenging. For the boys, who are in the dairy section, the day begins before the sun comes up (both in summer and winter). They put in a few hours of hard work before going back to their boarding houses, showering, wolfing down a warm breakfast, and then putting in a full morning of academics in the classroom. This routine is a test of strength of character and sets our disciplinary standards.

Afternoons are spent on the sports fields or back on the farm where they have the benefit of their educators guiding them in various agricultural sections such as beef, sheep, dairy, crops and vegetables, pigs and poultry, fencing, or workshop. This programme is designed to maximise the use of their practical learning and to add value to their already excellent curriculum.

The approach to academics at Weston has changed radically in one hundred years. The syllabus now enables the boys to follow a full academic programme while also following courses with contemporary agricultural content. Computer Application Technology and drones have been introduced to diversify the academic schedule.

But it’s not all hard work. Weston offers a diverse choice of sport for learners, with many of the “regular” sports: like rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, and swimming, as well as other more unique activities like fresh and saltwater angling, canoeing, horse riding, motorbike enduro, and the venturesome Big Five Club. This club includes berg and beach hiking, solitaire, survivor, and “a great race”.  A sense of adventure permeates each day under the guidance of experienced educators and mentors.

For many of the Weston boys, a highlight of the early part of the year is preparing to exhibit at the Royal Agricultural Show in Pietermaritzburg. In addition to the impressive Weston stand, the boys take part in several arena events. Year after year, Weston carries away prizes for top-quality animals and showmanship. Some boys are chosen to represent the KwaZulu-Natal team to compete at the annual National Youth Show later in the year.

This magnificent school, which was founded over 100 years ago, continues to yield high-achieving scholars and an ever-growing list of successful past learners. Weston Old Boys, or Westonians, are active in many parts of our country as well as internationally, and we are proud to have them as loyal supporters of our school and an integral part of development and fundraising at Weston while networking to strengthen the agricultural sector.

Agriculture is the backbone of any nation’s economy. It forms the basis for food and nutrition security and provides raw materials for industrialisation. Weston is honoured to be contributing to this vital part of our nation’s economy.  While doing this, we regularly remind ourselves that paramount to the education of all boys is instilling the “old school” values of commitment, responsibility, integrity, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Weston prides itself on growing unique individuals and equips young men with the innovative spirit which allows them to meet life’s challenges. They find passion in what they do and are inspired to use integrity in charting their futures. Once our learners are equipped with an education they can be proud of, we remind them to use it wisely – not only the skills they are equipped with but the values they have been taught.

At Weston, we strive for excellence, lead by example and act with integrity.

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