Connecting the World Through Language

The Midlands MagazineJanuary 12, 2024

In a sunny Monday in Durban, I met with Ms Giulia De Lorenzi, teaching Director for Dante Languages. The new venue, located in a beautiful and secure complex in Umhlanga, is equipped with all that is needed for highly professional teaching in a comfortable learning environment. Here, more than twenty teachers are engaged in lessons.


What is the current situation regarding the study of foreign languages in South Africa? What are the predictions for 2024?

We are seeing a considerable increase in foreign language learning in South Africa, especially online. There is an often-underestimated linguistic heritage amongst learners in South African schools which is getting more and more valorised in academic terms, benefitting individuals and educational institutions. Multilingualism is also becoming a key factor for the creation of work opportunities for the new generations.


A growing but also demanding request?

Yes. We teach foreign languages to more than 6000 students all over South Africa, preparing learners for IEB and Cambridge exams in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic. We tailor our courses according to the specific learning strategies of our students.


Why is studying online gradually replacing face-to-face lessons?

By studying online, you choose the learning environment that works best for your own needs. You don’t have to leave work early for class or miss important family time.


How will the cooperation be with schools in 2024?

We are working with several educational institutions in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia. Dante takes care of everything, including the long and delicate task of preparing portfolios for IEB and Cambridge exams. In 2024, our offer will be even more competitive, with a system of profit sharing with schools and an exchange programme for students and team members.


Can you tell us more about your collaborations with foreign institutional partners and scholarships?

We have several partnerships, such as with the Japanese Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish and Portuguese governments. It is thanks to these cooperations that we are in a position to offer our students the possibility of an annual scholarship, which will cover their annual tuition fee for the first year of enrolment in a foreign university of their choice.


Does that mean that your students can go abroad and study with your financial support?

Correct! One of our students, Kimmyka, who completed her JLCAT exam for Japanese last year, is currently spending one year in Japan. We also have Francois who studies Spanish – after the Christmas holidays, he will be leaving to study in Barcelona. Kida, studying Italian, will leave for Italy at the end of January.


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1 Torsvale Crescent, Somerset Park, Umhlanga