Emberton Estate takes online purchasing to the next level

Referred to as a ‘first ever’ for the Collins Property Group, and possibly for any off-plan residential development in South Africa – Saturday 9 July 2022 saw the online ‘sales’ of the final phase of Emberton Estates with the R15 000 deposit for each unit being made through the online payment platform, Ozow.

First-time homeowners who claimed the first unit of this final phase development were beyond elated and compared the process to a normal online retail purchase that was “so easy, instant and effortless”. The ease of payment thanks to the first-time partnership between Ozow and pioneering marketing agency, Rainmaker Marketing, means it will undoubtedly inject a more streamlined approach to purchasing property online and ultimately helping increase the monthly rate of sale.

“The excitement was palpable on Saturday morning when the official launch and sales of units went ‘live’ from 9am. Due to our online platform, in the build up to launch day people have been able to look at exactly what is on offer digitally like flying through the building, slicing and dicing the options based on their budget or accommodation requirements, while also having access to renders and views of each unit available.

This is certainly a first for the Collins Group and probably for the public where we are seeing the use of a digital platform being so profoundly accessible. At 9am when the official launch started we had over 50 people online at once. The public are not afraid of purchasing online any more – provided you have a secure online payment platform and a great product being purchased, which I believe we do. It’s revolutionary as developers and certainly the way forward for residential off-plan sales by changing the way purchasing is done,” says Melanie Clarkson of Residential Projects, Collins Residential.

Described as “urban farm” architecture, Emberton has seamlessly integrated historical beauty into the landscape of modern, convenient and engaged living to make it one of the most sought-after estates in the Upper-Highway area that is now launching its final phase. Situated in the beautiful setting that Hillcrest KwaZulu-Natal provides, the almost fully developed Emberton Estate appreciates its historical relevance and roots. Stone walls from the original dairy have been incorporated into the Emberton entrance and various gabion walls within thus retaining a sense of the old, while developing the new.

“Thanks to a world of impressive facilities both within our Estate and within close proximity, Emberton residents get to live a comfortable and easy way of life. What is so appealing about living here is that you feel like you’re in the country when in fact as you drive out of the estate you are surrounded by a lively town,” says Geoff Perkins, Head of Residential Projects, Collins Residential.

As Perkins alludes to, although Hillcrest is still considered part of the greater bustling Durban city area – living “on the hill” evokes feelings of tranquillity; allowing residents to breathe in fresh air while enjoying the quiet evenings and misty glowing mornings. Surrounded by beautiful and immaculate landscaping, Emberton is an escape from the stresses of daily life in a calming setting that has something to offer every member of the family.

At the heart of its peaceful character, the estate pays homage to the term ‘home-grown’ with 90% of its flora indigenous to the area. This forms part of the developments ‘Planting with Purpose’ initiative where the focus is to grow trees and plants that provide residents with a farm-style living, allowing them to pick  fruits to enjoy at home. Trees like the Harpaphyllum Caffrum will bear edible berries that will not only delight residents but also the indigenous fauna. Bringing them closer to nature, the surrounds will teem with Erythrina, Celtis – better known as the Stinkwood tree, Syzigium, Bridelia, and Podacarpus to name but a few. Adding to the beauty and splendour, Strelitzia more commonly known as The Bird of Paradise, Tecoma and Plumbago are some of the shrubs that line the pathways of the communal orchards. A one-hectare communal park will provide homeowners with an opportunity to re-connect with nature and the outdoors.

“All of our fantastic facilities in this affordable estate are undoubtedly enhanced by state-of-the-art security that allow residents to feel safe, happy, and free to explore and enjoy estate living with total peace of mind. And this picture is made complete by the fact that we are a pet-friendly estate too,” adds Perkins.

Whether you’re on your own, part of a family unit, planning your own someday, or expanding your property portfolio, Emberton has established itself as a development offering something for everyone. This includes a historic restored clubhouse, the popular Ray’s Kitchen restaurant, walking and running trails, an 80-learner pre-school, kids play park, a lap pool, tennis courts, BMX track and a laundromat. As part of this next and final phase of development at Emberton, Collins Residential will be launching a further 250 one and two bedroom apartments with additional leisure and lifestyle facilities such as a park, a second pool, an outdoor pavilion and further sports amenities – all within beautiful orchard-like settings.

Emberton has an array of home configurations that have already experienced year-on-year growth in capital appreciation. The final phase of this development will be offering 258 stylish one- and two-bedroom apartments that will provide new homeowners the very best of estate living and a sound investment opportunity starting from R880 000.

“Those looking to start or grow their property portfolio will be especially excited to hear that in recent years there has been a significant increase in property value in the Hillcrest area. Our prime location means we are close to good schools, exceptional medical care, celebrated eateries and world-class shopping and entertainment facilities! Everything you need is right on your doorstep from natural environments to convenient living with easy access to main highways that take you to Durban or neighbouring Pietermaritzburg. This final phase of development within Emberton means we’re bringing to market the last opportunity to call this very special place ‘home’, thus completing the picture,” ends Perkins.