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If you are looking at going solar, need backup power solutions, want to switch to gas or need timber for your latest DIY project, we found some great local businesses that can help you out.


Service Beyond the Call

Tell us about your business

Power Africa was established a few years ago as we identified a need for alternative energy solutions here in the Midlands – we already supply gas alternatives through Nottingham Road Gas which is a Sister Company to Power Africa . The synergy between the two companies works very well. The two qualified technicians employed through Power Africa have a combined installation experience of over 500 solar and solar-related installations between them.

What alternative energy technology/solution do you provide and how does it work?

We provide multiple solutions to alternative energy. From full solar off-grid to solar/grid-tied and hybrid solutions. In addition, we also supply power backup solutions from the smallest office up to large residential homes and factories. Combined with our gas solutions we are a genuine one-stop-shop. We also have a retail outlet supplying a full range of alternative energy devices to assist the consumer. Our complete services cover the entire spectrum from small homes right through to farms and factories.

What are the benefits of Solar Power?

The benefit of Solar Power is simple – by using the sun, with the correct equipment and installation, the client can have cost-effective power in their home or farm for 20 years or more, delivered by the initial equipment. It is proven that over approximately five years the cost of the installation can be offset completely due to the solar generation, leaving the years thereafter with, technically, free power.

How can people start the process of making their home/business solar-powered?

Many homes waste electricity by using power-hungry appliances and lighting. Firstly we would suggest our team inspect your home or factory free of charge to advise how to save electricity before heading down the solar route (savings can be by changing geysers to gas, installing geyser blankets or timers, changing all lighting to more energy-efficient LED lighting, which we sell in our retail outlet. Thereafter we can present you with a proposal to start saving energy, and ultimately money. We are in contact with financial institutions that are able to assist in financing solar/energy-saving installations if required.

Tel: 066 376 7934


Facebook: @power-africa-investments


Quality Timber Suppliers

Tell us about your business

Timber Solutions first opened its doors in October 2013.  Charles Raw is the proud owner of the company and has successfully built a legacy that has left a mark on the community and businesses alike.

A legacy of reputed, first-class customer satisfaction, quality products, and competitive prices. Timber Solutions is fast growing and is renowned for its timeous, professional, prompt, and friendly service as well as having a diverse range of quality wooden products and other supplies. This gem of a shop can be found at 76 Main Street, Howick.

Some of the past clients have said the following: “If there was an option to give more than five stars, I would gladly give this company 10 stars, they always go out of their way to be helpful, a real asset to our Village.” says Anthony Keytel. “Amazing service every time.  Their trimming and planning is fantastic!!!  All their staff are super helpful,” Simon Dommett said.

What products and services do you offer the community?

Timber Solutions caters to contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike and permanently have a fully merchandised store to ensure a quick turnaround time for customers. They have a vast range of SABS-approved and Black Cross graded Structural and Industrial Timber, with an additional selection of exotic and hardwoods. You have the option of having your pine planks either CCA treated (H2, H3, or H4) or untreated.

Their product range extends to Shutterply, pine and marine ply, pine and hardwood mouldings, laminated pine shelving, isoboard, laminated timber posts, general hardware, and tools. Timber Solutions also offer a large range of quality garden décor which includes; trellis, picket fencing, garden benches and tables, planter boxes, garden bridges, and bird feeders. Planing and cutting facilities are also available on site.

What would you like to say to the community? 

All customers have the pleasure of being participants in the regular competitions held in-store and are awarded exciting prizes, making the whole experience of shopping at Timber Solutions that much more memorable.

Is there something that you feel makes you unique from other timber suppliers?

Timber Solutions has recently teamed up with KZN Trail Running in providing sponsorship to the world-class trail runs they host throughout the province during the course of the year. They also support local organisations such as Love Howick as well as local schools.





Proudly Local 

Tell us about your business

Notts Fuel & Gas was established over 20 years ago. We are an authorised Afrox reseller of LPG and a full range of industrial gasses.

What gas solutions do you provide the community?

We provide a full gas supply service along with a full range of commercial and domestic gas-related spares and products. In addition, we have certified technicians who repair and install all domestic and commercial gas appliances and equipment.

What are the benefits of changing to gas within one’s home and what are various options available to clients to consider when thinking of gas as an alternative?

Gas is not reliant on Eskom so one can have lovely hot water even when there is no electricity! Gas immediately provides hot water on demand, unlike electrical geysers which use electricity to heat water whether one is using the hot water or not. Gas geysers, in the long run, prove to be more economical than electrical geysers.

What makes you stand out as a service provider?

We only supply superior products along with correctly filled cylinders  to our loyal and new customers. We have been established in the Midlands for over 20 years now and our  record speaks for itself.

Tel: 033 266 6390

Cell: 072 8594094



Giving You Power

Tell us about your business

Genset & Solar Power Solutions was established in 2008 by Alain Baert at a time when Solar Power was foreign to most South Africans.  Originating from Belgium, Alain was eager to instill confidence in photovoltaics as a viable and preferable energy choice for South Africans.  Through hundreds of successful PV solar installations over the past 14 years and a team dedicated to excellence, the results speak for themselves.  The company has grown with technology and provides reliable, affordable, and of course, greener alternatives to address current power challenges.

As a company, we are proud to have been at the forefront and remain an integral part of the green revolution in South Africa.


What alternative energy technology/solution do you provide and how does it work?

We provide many different solutions based on the unique requirements of our clients.  These include off-grid; grid-tie and hybrid systems in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.  We also offer diesel generators; stand-alone or as part of a PV Solution.

One of the unique products that we offer is the Tesla Powerwall 2 for both residential and light commercial applications.  We were the first Company in KZN to install the Tesla Powerwall 1 in 2016 and are now proud installers of almost 100 Tesla Powerwall 2 units in KZN.

What are the benefits of Solar Power?

Solar power is pollution-free, renewable clean power with almost no emissions, no emissions while generating electricity. The carbon footprint of a solar panel during its entire lifecycle is many times less than the carbon footprint of fossil fuel-based energy sources and is estimated at below 21g CO 2 equivalent per kWh. Solar systems require very little maintenance and are safe and reliable. Coupled with battery storage solar will also give you the advantage of extended backup time.


Who is the ideal candidate for your solution?

Every South African needs reliable power, and so, the question would be around affordability.  Renewable Energy is now much more affordable than in previous years and returns on investment have a much shorter payback period.  Depending on system design, payback periods are around three years, whereafter your system will continue to generate power for decades.


How can people start the process of becoming independent of the grid?

There are simple changes that can be made initially to prepare you for going off-grid. These include lifestyle changes as well as changes to your current lighting and appliances to low consumption items.  Our systems are modular, so this allows for a phased approach to power independence, which is a lot more affordable.


Tel: 033 394 5016