The Midlands MagazineFebruary 3, 2023

We’ve got loads of stuff you’re going to love!


Home Artist: Khululeka Vase

This is a handmade terracotta ceramic vase made from natural clay. Home Artist creates modern, African home decor products by using traditional ways, forms and concepts. The design store wants to carry on the African ways in this modern age, becoming preservers of African knowledge in art form. In their new collection, they celebrate Bantu stories by expressing and articulating a past in the present. Retail price is R2800





Rubix Box: Square Sandwich Cutter and Imprinter 

This is the perfect companion to make sandwiches fun. Cut and imprint your sandwiches easily without wasting any bread off-cuts. This sandwich cutter is a quick and easy way to make four perfectly square sandwiches with your child’s favourite filling and is a must-buy for any lunchbox-making parent! It’s also made from food-grade plastic. Retail price is R169



iLala Décor: Thando Basket
These gorgeous weaved baskets are an essential decor classic. Whether it’s adding an element of luxury to your living room or creating a statement piece in your entrance hall, their baskets are perfect for any space. They have effortless style with touches of natural, layered texture and are available in a variety of colours and patterns, offering endless opportunities for function and storage. Retail price is R300



The Cocoa Cartel 

From rich and decadent double chocolate to smooth and creamy white chocolate and macadamia nuts, their range of luxury cookies will feed your soul. All cookies are crispy and golden with a soft, chewy centre, filled with chunks of delicious chocolate and sealed with their signature chocolate disc that promises every bite to be as indulgent as the next. Heat them up for five to 10 seconds to replicate the warm, out-of-the-oven experience. Retail price from R120.



Beautanical Therapy: Safari Fragrance Collection 

This collection features fragrant gourmand notes that you can almost taste. From fruity florals and juicy citruses to sweet decadence, there’s a deliciously scented dessert for you. The Safari collection of fragrances lets you opt for something fresh, feminine, tropical or sweet, all depending on your mood. The concentrates are imported and approved by the IFRA. Retail price is R799