Holism and Healing

The Midlands is all about peace and the people who facilitate this. Join us to explore a few of the holistic healing practices and practitioners who ultimately set a tranquil tone.


The world of holistic healing has grown tremendously over the last couple of decades. Anyone familiar with the Midlands will know that numerous alternative health practitioners facilitate wellness differently from more conventional doctors.

What is “holistic healing”, though? Well, let’s just give you a brief rundown of it. It encompasses all areas of a person’s life, taking into account the health of the physical body and the mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic aspects. Ultimately, these areas make up the whole.

If you are inclined that way and open to something new, we have selected a few alternative healing modalities offered in the Midlands: Energy Medicine, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Therapy. Below we will explore what they are and mention a few practitioners’ offerings so that you can get a clearer idea of what we mean by “holistic healing”.


We are all a combination of the physical and energetic. Our energy system comprises our Aura, Meridians, and Chakras. Energy Medicine works with all these energy systems clearing any blockages, imbalances, or distortions. The process is gentle and requires the client to relax while lying down on a healing bed. Some clients also fall asleep.

Based at the Fordoun Spa in Nottingham Road, Jennifer Symons has been a practitioner for over 20 years, offering in-person and remote sessions. Through Energy Medicine, clients can heal limiting beliefs, trauma, grief, relationship patterns, stress, and general disconnection within themselves.

Reiki originates from the Japanese words “Rei”, meaning “universal spirit”, and “Ki”, meaning “vital life force” or “energy”. It comes in various forms, namely, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Angelic Reiki.

Reiki is not a religion and is often termed “The ancient wisdom”. In other words, it is not a new age spirituality. It is non-invasive, performed fully clothed and lying down. The process involves a “laying on of hands” by the practitioner who channels life force energy into the client. This can be done through light touch or working in the client’s energy field. Clients have reported feeling more relaxed, at peace, and content after a session.

Chantelle Nash provides Angelic Reiki, which involves “beings of light” or angels working on the patient during the healing process. The practitioner is the medium between the angels and the client and holds space for the Angelic Kingdom to heal and help the client release physical, emotional, and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.

Lisa Terry, who is based at the House@9 in Howick, offers various forms of Reiki. Usui, which involves healing using sacred symbols. Kuan Yin or Karuna Reiki is all about compassion and an “unbounded sea of love”, Seichim Reiki, an Ancient Egyptian Reiki. She sometimes uses crystals or gemstones and creates crystal grids as part of the healing process.

This brings us to Crystal Healing. Crystals have been used as a healing and protective tool for thousands of years and have supplied amplified forms of energy to assist the body in healing. Crystals are composed of geometric shapes called “crystal lattices”, which enable these minerals to carry high electromagnetic healing frequencies.

According to Kathryn Coulson, a practitioner, Crystal Resonance Therapy draws on the Earth’s natural energies and electromagnetic frequencies of crystals and involves the heart-centred Primus meditation.

It is a non-invasive and peaceful process. Sessions start with the client consultation about issues they would like to address, and then they lie comfortably on a specially crafted therapy bed. Crystals are then placed on and around the client’s body. These crystals bring the client’s frequency, which is around 5hz, into resonance with the crystal’s frequency, which is 32.768hz.

You might be wondering more about the frequencies mentioned above, which tie in with Sound Therapy. This healing modality focuses on using specific frequencies to relieve stress and anxiety and facilitate healing and wellness.

Culamoya Chimes, based in Lidgetton, has been running for more than 20 years, initially started by Frik and Lola Haupt, and now run by Lola Crawford. They offer a wide variety of sound healing tools, specifically chimes and custom pieces.

Apart from the overall ambience created by all the Culamoya chimes, visitors will be enchanted by their large “Peace Chimes”, the Nikola Tesla 3,6,9 Sound Circle and the Faerie Forest. They also offer venues for Sound Journeys and meditations.