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As part of exploring the talented people right here in the Midlands, we decided to take to the skies. Well, not really, but we heard from Kelly, who is a pilot and savvy businesswoman, spreading her wings and taking to the skies, all while staying grounded throughout it all. What if I told you there is a place that’s magical, a place of peace, where you don’t look over your shoulder or lock your doors....


We look to the intricacies of Sugarcane Farming in the Midlands for this edition’s Farming Feature and just how a husband-and-wife team makes a huge difference in achieving business success. And did we mention they produce their own handcrafted rum? Words by: Brad and Marisa O’Neill, & edited by Nick Nel. Photos: Marisa O’Neill Brad and Marisa O’ Neill proudly share their little slice of Mkhuzane magic, Seafield Farm, with us. Seafield, ensconced in the...