Thyme Out Accomodation

The Midlands MagazineSeptember 9, 2019

Nestled in the heart of Curry’s Post, Thyme Out Accommodation is the epitome of a local hidden gem. A short distance away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this spacious villa offers a brief respite to those in pursuit of a quintessential Midlands getaway.


Located on the magnificent Weltevreden Estate, Thyme Out Accommodation offers guests panoramic views of the Karkloof, coupled with the peaceful seclusion of private farm life. When Nicky Cawood returned from her 5-year U.S voyage, she recognised the untapped potential of her opulent family manor. Nicky embarked on a mission to transform her family home into an elegant and peaceful getaway for guests.



The accommodation is a self-catering facility, offering a family double room (semi-self catering), a honeymoon suite, a couple’s suite, and two stunning guest units. Nicky’s innovative spirit resulted in the conversion of her family’s expansive garage into two luxurious loft-style apartments – both of which became our home during our Midlands trip.


Each room exudes the creative confidence and vibrant personality associated with the Cawood family. The cottages are spacious yet cosy, inviting guests to indulge in the intimate splendour of farm life. The prominent theme of rustic chic adorns the interior as guests immediately enter a charming living room, complete with satellite television, large comfy couches and a compact gas heater – which, might I add, was a lifesaver during those chilly Midlands evenings!



Every room boasts a fully equipped kitchen – inclusive of a toaster, microwave, fridge, kettle, cutlery and crockery. And the family room accommodates those guests who need to put their heads down if they have an event or wedding in the area. The small, personal touches really added depth and character to each loft apartment. For example, each kitchen offers guests a sampling of local Midlands roasteries – including the iconic Terbodore blend! We loved the aroma of freshly brewed coffee each morning, and we even got to channel our inner barista when using the beautiful french press – complete with rose gold finishes. I guess there’s truth in the popular saying, it really is all in the details.



Apart from the cosy lounge and open-plan kitchen area, the bottom level of the loft also includes a spacious bathroom – fitted with a shower, large white towels that are reminiscent of various hotel collections, and quirky jars filled with complimentary accessories.



The upper level of the loft is accessible via a staircase, leading from the lounge to the bedroom area. As we entered the luxurious bedroom, we were taken aback by the custom, contemporary design. Each bedroom is fitted with a king-sized bed, electric blankets, fluffy throw pillows, and a thermal quilt that kept us warm and toasty each evening. We were pleasantly surprised to find a functional work space in each bedroom, inclusive of a compact wooden desk and comfortable seating area. The addition of a mini-office setup is perfect for people who are travelling for business, or simply need a quiet space to collect their thoughts.



The lawn-facing loft apartments enjoy magnificent views of the Midlands’ cascading hills and breathtaking sunrises. What a pleasure it was to awake in a serene environment, surrounded by lush green foliage and the majesty of nature. My favourite element of Thyme Out Accommodation was the fact that it offered up the best of farm-life stereotypes in the form of a crowing rooster! It was utterly refreshing to be summoned awake by an authentic “cockadoodledoo”, compared to the clinical ring of a smartphone alarm!



Weltevreden Manor enjoys a grand stone-gate entryway, as avenues of trees line the meandering pathways. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Nicky Cawood and her family for their incredible hospitality! The warm embrace into authentic farm-living made it that much more difficult to leave! We look forward to visiting Thyme Out Accommodation in the future as we embark on many more adventures in the magical Midlands Meander!