Waitrons Make the World Go Round

Getting to Know the People Who Work at Our Favourite Spots


It goes without saying that most of us love frequenting coffee shops or going out for a bite to eat, and there is always someone at the ready to take our order with a friendly smile. These are people who keep our great local restaurants and cafes running. But, how often do we stop and chat with the waitrons who serve us, and really get to know them?


Well, in honour of celebrating them and appreciating all that they do, we decided to make the acquaintance of three special individuals from our favourite spots throughout the Midlands. So, grab a coffee or cup of tea, and let’s hear their story. After all, waitrons truly make our world go round!


Fundiswa Sindane from Village at Yard 41 in Howick has been working in the hospitality industry for four years. She started working in hospitality when she was in her final year of studies and now holds a National Diploma in Ecotourism Management. One of the primary reasons why she started working as a waitress was to take care of not only herself but her siblings and mother. She says that she has gained valuable experience along the way, which to her has been an “amazing journey”.


Fundi (as she is usually called) is now the team leader at Village, and this has been one of the best opportunities she’s ever had. She continually likes to learn new things and balances her life between spending time indoors and outdoors, whether it’s cooking, trying new recipes, or going on new adventures. Her dream is to build her mother her dream house, and we know she will follow her dreams with all her heart. She has come so far already. Go Fundi!


Prince Ndumiso Kubheka has been working at The Barn Owl in Curry’s Post for the last three years. He moved up the ranks from being a dishwasher, barista and waiter to being promoted to a front-of-house and bar manager. What an incredible achievement! He shared with us that he has been enjoying the additional responsibilities and being in the hospitality industry. Prince’s ultimate dream is to open his own shop one day, and we’re sure he will reach his dreams!


Prince is multi-passionate. When he is not at work, you can find him making beautiful music. He is very creative, being a songwriter and dancer, and says that his other dream is to be a well-known musician in the world. Prince, you rock! Keep on making music!  


Mpilonhle Nomcebo Mbedu has been working at Artisan Café in Hilton for the last five months. She has been a waitress for almost two years, having previously worked at Abingdon Wine Estate, and seeing people smile makes her feel like her work is done. Although she has been working at Artisan Café for only a short period, she has already become the floor manager!


Coupled with her love of being around and meeting new people, Nomcebo is the sole provider for her and her five-year-old daughter, who she would love to see emulate the qualities of making others feel safe and warm inside. Nomcebo has grown to love the hospitality industry and aspires to take up a business management program to further her education. She also dreams of owning her own restaurant one day. Knowing how quickly she has progressed already, there is no doubt Nomcebo will rise up the hospitality ladder.       


Words: Alicia du Plessis